Students from Industrial Engineering FATM Participate in the INCREASE 2021 Competition

Photo by Nikita Kachanovsky on Unsplash

FATM NEWS – Being a pioneer student at the Faculty of Advanced Technology and Multidiscipline Universitas Airlangga (FATM UNAIR), did not discourage the enthusiasm of 21 students of Industrial Engineering study program to participate in various competitions. Without hesitation, they are participating in a Southeast Asia international competition, namely INCREASE (Industrial Creative Season) 2021, which will be held by Telkom University from December 21, 2020 to March 21, 2021. It is one of the prestigious business case-based competitions which aims to offer opportunities for students to develop any creative and innovative ideas which applicable to solve the real industrial or business cases.

As representatives of Industrial Engineering students who participated in this competition, Valencia Tesalonika, Miftachul Jannah, and Safardi Samsa shared a few stories about their participation in the INCREASE 2021 competition on Thursday (11/02/2021). 

“At first, one of our friends shared information about the INCREASE 2021 competition. I read the posters and all the details about the competition. I immediately had the initiative to register myself because I was determined to congregate achievements by actively participating in many competitions. Therefore, I think the INCREASE competition can be the initial opportunity to realize it,” said Valencia.

In addition, Miftachul Jannah – familiarly called Mita – revealed that besides seeking opportunity to gain experiences, her motivation to participate in this competition was supported by her eagerness to understand real industrial problems and to hone her problem-solving skills. She believes that there are inherent benefits in the future. 

This year, the INCREASE 2021 challenges participants with theme “Optimizing Innovation in the Food and Beverage Industry to Face Industry 4.0” which is expected to encourage participants’ creativity and innovative ideas to support the food and beverage industry in embracing the new normal conditions during pandemic.

According to Safardi, it is quite difficult to determine the best idea because the theme was very broad to explore. Valencia added, “So far, we encounter some challenges during discussion and brainstorming process to determine interesting, logical, and innovative ideas. A collection of ideas with mature concept which aligned with the theme and the given case study shall be prepared”. Nevertheless, various innovation ideas have been proposed by each team.  

In addition, Safardi mentioned that writing a concise abstract is also tricky. However, guidance and suggestions from supervisors may help them prepare the best abstract version to submit. 

Currently, 6 out of 7 teams that participated in the initial stage at the end of January 2021, have been successfully passed to the next stage.

“I do feel happy and grateful to have passed the initial selection stage of this competition. However, it’s still early to feel satisfied. Henceforth, we must be better prepared to compete in the next stage,” said Mita.

In the next stage, participants must prepare their innovative ideas to solve a case study given by the committee and present them in the form of mini proposal. “We must ensure that our proposed solution and innovation are based on the Industrial Engineering body of knowledge and also aligned with the Industrial 4.0 concept. Hence, we need to construct the idea under guidance from lecturers of the Industrial Engineering study program FATM UNAIR as our supervisor,” said Safardi.

“Competition is a good thing. It forces us to do our best.” — Nancy Pearcey. 

Good luck for the next stage of the competition, friends! Don’t give up and stay humble! (*)


Contributor: CP Wulandari


Photo by Nikita Kachanovsky on Unsplash


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