FATM Industrial Engineering Held a Webinar “Start Your Journey with Industrial Engineering Universitas Airlangga”

FATM NEWS – As a new study program within Universitas Airlangga (UNAIR) Industrial Engineering (IE) continues to promote its existence to the public by regularly holding webinars to attract audiences.

The webinar was held on Saturday (6/3/2021) through Zoom Meeting and live streamed through  YouTube channel which was attended by hundreds of participants from all over Indonesia.

In her opening speech, Dr. Prihartini Widiyanti, drg., M.Kes., S.Bio, as the head of Advanced Technology department and Coordinator of IE study program FATM UNAIR said that IE is a field of science that learns many things and has many cross cutting sciences, such as optimization of human activities, economic, production process, management strategy, and company management. Therefore, critical and logical thinking skills are required in handling it.

“The prospect of IE is very broad, especially accommodating a combination of various sciences. What makes IE UNAIR special than other campuses is that IE at UNAIR contains curriculum related to introduction of health services,” she explained.

Moreover, UNAIR is supported by the Faculty of Medicine, faculty which is more than a century old  and has a strong history of health research in UNAIR. This uniqueness makes UNAIR IE program is not monotonous and mainstream, but it is able to be a supporting system in the health industry as well. 


Collaboration in Science to Bring Newness

Meanwhile, Chandrawati Putri Wulandari, S.T., M.T., MBA., Ph.D, as an IE lecturer as well as the main speaker of the webinar, explained that IE is a multidisciplinary field that can collaborate with various fields of science, including health sciences.

“Fundamentally, IE focuses on sustainable optimization and emphasizes improvement in the aspect of Machine, Method, Man, Material, Measurement, and Environment,” she said.

Basically, IE body of knowledge contains 14 scientific cores which will be studied by IE students as the basis for becoming industrial engineers. Students will also be taught how to ensure aspects of human performance support to be safe, comfortable, humanist, and effective.

In addition, IE will also study business market analysis, careful planning of production -distribution-consumption through supply chain management, as well as the application of efficient working methods to obtain maximum production results.

There are also areas of human factors and ergonomics that focus on human comfort and health. An industrial engineer can play a role as a product designer, for instance designing chairs and tables that are comfortable and safe for universal users in long-term usage.

Industrial engineers are required to think and analyze problem critically and systematically to solve it,” she said.


Curriculum and Teaching Style are Up To Date

UNAIR Industrial Engineering Program carries an up to date curriculum and teaching style. It is supported by lecturers who are very young and qualified in their field. Therefore, students will experience a friendly and fun environment during their study at IE UNAIR.

According to Chandra, the scope of health studies will continue to innovate with influence from science and technology. Thus, IE and FATM represent engineering pillars to complement the three existing pillars in UNAIR. FATM curriculum that supports health science aims to contribute the scientific progress in Indonesia.

“During the pandemic, FATM’s IE research group has been conducting research on micro-filter dialyzer and some innovations on non-medical masks,” she added.

In addition,  while completing her master’s studies in Taiwan, Chandra conducted research related to data mining and statistics. Her findings on medical data mining research can show hidden patterns of the data that might be used by medical practitioners as references for decision making.

“If IE graduates are able to master the 14 scientific cores of IE body of knowledge, then their job opportunities in any field of work at any companies will be greater. Therefore, let’s join the industrial engineering study program at Universitas Airlangga,” she concluded. (*)


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