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Faculty of Advanced Technology and Multidiscipline
Universitas Airlangga

To become a superior and dignified engineering Faculty that plays an active role in the development, application and collaboration of advanced science and engineering, as well as high integrity, culture, based on Pancasila and based on religious morality to solve national problems.

Organizing undergraduate education with an international perspective to produce graduates with religious morals and qualified in the fields of science and engineering who are efficient and serve the interests of the nation. Growing and developing creativity, carrying out research and community service based on national culture. Develop extensive cooperation with institutions at home and abroad.

Prof. Dr. Dwi Setyawan, S.Si., M.Si., Apt

Dean of the Faculty of Advanced Technology and Multidiscipline

Universitas Airlangga Period 2020-2025

CollaborAction is Key

The five study programs of the Faculty of Advanced and Multidisciplinary Technology are a form of Airlangga University’s real contribution to the world, especially Indonesia in preparing human resources who are ready to collaborate in all matters in order to welcome the 4.0 Industrial Revolution Era. Therefore, we call on the best sons and daughters, junior high school graduates to join FTMM and realize their goals and work real for an advanced Indonesia.

Strategic Plans

Faculty of Advanced Technology and Multidiscipline Universitas Airlangga (FTMM UNAIR) will continue to progress and contribute to the field of technology for Indonesia. The development that will be carried out in accordance with the 2021-2025 strategic plan that has been prepared is certainly in line with UNAIR’s target of achieving the title “SMART UNIVERSITY” which is of international standard and has alumni who are innovative, solutive, and contributive.

Supporting the Sustainable Development Goals

The Faculty of Advanced Technology and Multidiscipline, Airlangga University adopted 17 points of Sustainable Development Goals or Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by the United Nations: ending poverty, hunger and inequality; realizing a healthy and prosperous life; improve education; taking action on climate change and the environment, building peace, justice, and resilient institutions; and building strong institutions and partnerships.

Industrial Internship

One of the programs that FTMM students have participated in is an industrial internship at a faculty partner company. In this case FTMM has established cooperative relationships with stakeholders, both government and private agencies

Hybrid Learning

Learning activities in FTMM are carried out in a hybrid manner. Face-to-face lectures are held with the implementation of strict health protocols. Meanwhile, online lectures are carried out through the Airlangga University e-learning platform

Education Expo

The Expo became one of the routine activities attended by FTMM. Especially on this occasion FTMM was able to show the results of the innovations of both students and lecturers to visitors, especially high school/K-equivalent students who wanted to propose to the destination campus.

MBKM: Merdeka Belajar Kampus Merdeka

What is Kampus Merdeka? A comprehensive career preparation program to prepare the best Indonesian generation. The “Kampus Merdeka” is part of the Merdeka Belajar policy by the Ministry of Education and Culture which provides opportunities for students to hone their abilities according to their talents and interests by going directly into the world of work as preparation for future careers.

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