Dr. Eng. Moch. Lutfi Firmansyah, S.Si., M.Phil.

Mochamad Lutfi Firmansyah was born in Bandung, Indonesia. He was graduated from Institut Teknologi Bandung in 2009 with chemistry degree. Then, continue his study in similar field at University Teknologi Malaysia. He received his Ph.D from Kyushu University, Japan in 2019 from applied chemistry major. His research interest revolve in solid adsorbent and ionic liquid and their application as adsorbent for heavy metal or any other pollutant. Another research interest of him is metal recycling from electronic waste.

NIK : 199104242019106101

Nama : Dr.Eng. Moch. Lutfi Firmansyah, S.Si., M.Phil.

Pendidikan : S3

Research Interest : Metal recovery dari limbah urban

Email : ml.firmansyah@ftmm.unair.ac.id

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