Ali Ikhsanul Qauli, S.Si., M.Eng, Ph.D

Ali Ikhsanul Qauli was born in the East Java town of Sumenep. Kumoh National Institute of Technology (KIT) in South Korea awarded him a Master’s degree in IT Convergence Engineering. During his Ph.D. studies at KIT, he is now focusing on computational electromechanical cardiophysiology.

He also joins the faculty of Advanced Technology and Multidiscipline at Universitas Airlangga as a lecturer and researcher in Robotics and Artificial Intelligence Engineering.

NIK : 199110232021093101

Name : Ali Ikhsanul Qauli, S.Si., M.Eng, Ph.D

Education : Master’s degree in IT Convergence Engineering from Kumoh National Institute of Technology, Bachelor’s degree in Theoretical Nuclear and Particle Physics from Universitas Indonesia

Research Interest : computational electromechanical cardiophysiology, high performance computing

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